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Hey there, I am Sachin Arulambalam, a registered wedding celebrant of New Zealand!

Born in New Zealand to Sri Lankan parents, I have grown up around all walks of life and I really enjoy experiencing diverse cultures and backgrounds!


Being able to travel is something that I relish and I've been to some truly incredible places, even the likes of China and Russia!

I am quite used to stressful situations from years of rowing for New Zealand, which makes dealing with those "difficult" family members a piece of cake!

I enjoy my sport and exercise, although contrary to my name I'm not so big on cricket! But if you're wanting to have your wedding in the middle of the forest or up the peak of a mountain, no destination is too far, I will make it there for you!

I absolutely enjoy bringing people together through moving anecdotes and stories so public speaking is something that I thrive at. And what better way to bring people together than to celebrate the amazing love of two people?!!

I am incredibly excited by the journey of being a wedding celebrant and I would absolutely love to hear from you and help create your dream wedding!!