The journey to getting married!

Let's Meet

Let's meet and greet for a no obligations chat, where we can just get to know each other and I can listen to your ideas for your big day.

If you feel that I am the right fit for you, I'll send you details for the deposit to lock in your date and I will get cracking on your dream ceremony!

Crafting your dream ceremony

I will gather some information from you both which helps me get to know you better but also allows you to get a better feel of what you do and don't want.

We'll catch up to share thoughts and ideas and I can get a better feel of how you want your ceremony to go.

This is about making your dream wedding a reality so I see this as a collaborative process with you both involved at every step so that you can be absolutely happy with the ceremony script.

I am always contactable! So if you have an idea that just comes to you then send it to me whenever and however!

Ceremony approval

After all our correspondence, I will send you a full ceremony script for you both to approve. Don't worry, we can still make any changes that you like. Remember, this is about crafting your dream ceremony!


This is not a necessary step, however I would very much recommend a run through as it does help to calm the nerves on the day. It's a good idea to involve all the important people in this rehearsal so that everyone is on the same page for the big day!

The Wedding

The day has finally arrived! We have done all the work, crafted your dream ceremony and are fully prepared for the big day. All you two have to do now is just enjoy one of the happiest days of your lives!

I take care of all the paperwork so you guys can be present with one another and your wedding celebrations!